featured image camtasia alternatives Camtasia is essentially a good program of recording your screen. It is used to capture and record anything on the screen of the computer. Due to its versatility and its strong functions, it is utilized by millions of users globally. But, using the tool comes with a charge, which is relatively costly. Perhaps this is the reason that you want to know about other alternatives to Camtasia if you are looking to record your video once or several times. Luckily, there are numerous free replacements of Camtasia Studio, which are effectively compatible with both the Mac and Windows operating systems. In this article, we mentioned the most excellent six alternatives to trim down your options. Just examine them and select the best option for you to record your screen in videos of high quality.

1. Screencast-O-Matic

This is a pretty similar screen recorder to Camtasia, and it is worth it too. It can record videos to a similar quality of resolution with its source video—this why most people like it. Due to the easily understandable features of the buttons of the alternative, the Screencast-O-Matic is a user-friendly tool to use by amateurs. It comes with a highly intuitive interface, which increases its ease of use. The most excellent feature of the tool is that Screencast-O-Matic is based on web applications. This implies that it doesn’t take up any space on the disk.

screencastomatic interface

The tool is primarily accessible from Screencast-O-Matic’s main website, making a stable internet connectivity a prime requirement. However, the disadvantage of the recording tool is its lack of the feature for editing. Generally, Screencast-O-Matic can be used as a decent free alternative tool for Camtasia.

2. Camstudio

This is another nice alternative to Camtasia. It is very similar to the way Camtasia works due to its ability to easily record screen activities. Furthermore, this tool has several modes of recording that can be useful in a variety of situations. The Camstudio comes as open-sourced that basically implies that it needs no license. Furthermore, Camstudio can be used efficiently, and anyone can understand. The tool in minutes. Camstudio also has the Lossless codec that enables the production of videos with clear quality with audio, in minimal file sizes. Due to this feature, Camstudio is worthy of serving as a great alternative to Camtasia.

camstudio interface

3. Ezvid

Ezvid is another application for the desktop that can easily be used as a replacement for Camtasia. It has screen recording abilities, which allows it to record the audio. The audio and videos are recorded with high-quality. The tool is actually a perfect application for producing instructional videos as well as demos. These could be uploaded at a later time on any social media and video-sharing website. A great advantage of the tool is the presence of an editing feature. This editing tool can be used to edit out a video before it is finally saved. The options for editing can be used to create a decent video. But, the tool comes with a license, so it is not completely free. When the tool is used in the free trial mode, the recording gets limited to about three minutes for each video. Moreover, the final video comes with a watermark. Generally, the Ezvid tool is a dependable tool for recording videos with any available desktop screen, making it a great option for Camtasia.

ezvid interface

4. Fraps

Fraps is a real time tool for recording the Windows screen. Basically, it works in a similar manner to Camtasia. Fraps comes pretty practical in the recording of activities on the screen including games. This is since it displays the recording rate in FPS or frames per second. With this feature, it can easily be seen if the recording process is progressing smoothly, or if another video has to be recorded. Similar to every other recorder out there, Fraps is free, but has limited features. A way to overcome all the limitations of the tool is to buy the licensed software from the main website of the makers of Fraps. In spite of its simple interface, the tool is highly loaded and can hold its own among several prime screen recorders, this is the reason that it is being considered as a perfect alternative for Camtasia.

fraps interface