featured image download workout videos One of the best ways to deal with stress and pressure is to engage in physical activities like Yoga, aerobics, and working out. Endorphins are produced in the brain when you exercise and engage in other physical activities. Endorphins are chemicals that work as natural pain killers, helping reduce stress and improve sleeping ability naturally. Most of us fail to exercise outside because we are too engaged with other activities. That should not be a problem any longer as you can do your workouts from the comfort of your home by following videos on the internet. There are so many online exercise and fitness videos you can download on your device. This article will introduce you to easy methods to download workout videos to video offline.

Ant Video Downloader for Firefox

If you want to download exercise videos online for free, AntVideo Downloader is your go-to application. You will have to integrate this tool with your browser to be able to use it. All you need to do is stream the video you want. The tools will detect the video automatically and extract it for download. See the steps below to know how to use Ant Video Downloader for Chrome.

Step 1: Integrate Ant Video Downloader in your browser

You can use this tool on Mozilla Firefox. If you are using Firefox, click here to add the add-on.

antvideodownloader install step1

Step 2: Stream the workout video

After integrating this tool into your browser, you will see the logo close to your address bar. The next thing to do is to stream the video you want to save on your device. Ensure you click play so the tool will recognize the video you are playing. Once it detects the video, it will provide different download links you can use to download the video. All you need to do is to click the icon from the extension shortcut.

antvideodownloader stream video step2

Step 3: Download the workout video

Once you see the video you want, click on “Download” to save it on your device.

antvideodownloader download workout video