featured image download youtube song One of the best video-sharing sites on the planet that allows users to upload, share, and watch videos free of charge is YouTube. There are a lot of exciting videos to download from YouTube. If you are a music lover that wants to stay updated with recent songs from their favorite artists, YouTube is the go-to-spot. You need a YouTube song downloader to be able to download the songs you love from YouTube, and there are so many applications out there that you can use. To save you the unnecessary stress, we have included some of the best go-to apps to download songs/music from YouTube. Ensure you follow the steps listed so you can download your favorite songs in MP3 from YouTube.


You can use this tool to download YouTube videos and videos from other video-sharing platforms. Convert2mp3 can be used to download songs from YouTube in different formats like WAV, MP3, AC3, AAC, and so on. This tool also has a search box that helps you in searching for the music you want to download from YouTube. You can download the converted videos right from the app’s interface. Follow the steps below to know how to use this program.

convert2mp3 interface

  • Search for the music video on YouTube, and then copy the video download link you want to convert.
  • Paste the link you copied on Convert2mp3.
  • Now, select MP3 as the audio format and hit on “Convert.”

Top 10 Music from YouTube

This section will introduce you to some music that is trending in the music industry.

1. Despacito

This music by Fonsi, which featured Daddy Yankee, is amazing and filled with spectacular visual wonders.

despacito thumbnail

2. Shape of You

Ed Sheeran is thankful for this amazing sound that describes the run aspect of relationships, including the good and bad sides. Despite all, he still wants her to be his lover. This song has captured the heart of a lot of music lovers.

shapeofyou thumbnail

3. See You Again

It is a song by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth. This song pays tribute to late Fast and Furious Actor, Brian O’Conner. He lost his life in a ghastly motor accident. The emotion in this song is strong and powerful, it touched the core of a lot of individuals.

seeyouagain thumbnail

4. Gangnam Style

This soundtrack got us up on our feet to dance even though most of us did not really know the lyrics or understand the lyrics of this song. Gangnam style makes fun of Korean people who claim lie and pretend to be from the rich Gangnam neighborhood. Wealthy individuals from this region are fashion fans and love to party hard.

gangnamstyle thumbnail

5. Sugar

Sugar is an amazing song by Maroon 5, describing a man deeply in love with his woman. The song also talks about desire and affection.

sugar thumbnail

6. Shake it off

This amazing song by Taylor Swift is directed to those who have not said negative things about her and how she does not bother herself with what people say. Their opinions matter not as she will “shake it off.”

shakeitoff thumbnail

7. Roar

Katy Perry’s Roar describes overcoming the struggles of being in an abusive relationship. The special effects alongside the color combination make the video amazing.

katyperry thumbnail

8. Counting Stars

This song is performed by One Republic, which talks about not staying true to your life goals and not keeping promises made to loved ones, has cracked the top 15 of all time.

countingstars thumbnail

9. Lean on

This is a song by Major Lazer, and it describes having a lover or friends who supports you all the time and that we do need someone to lean on.

leanon thumbnail

10. Hello

The amazing voice of Adele talks about past memories and seeking closure after a breakup.

adele thumbnail