featured image free screen recorder no watermark It is a great thing always to have a screen recording tool, whether you are looking to make video-based tutorials, make a video of your conference, take some screenshots, or make your friends see something. But the thing with most of this freeware, is that they have watermarks. It is wrong to record a video while there is a big watermark been displayed on the screen. However, if you no longer want this to be the case, just like most people experiencing the problem, you are reading the right article. I will reveal 7 of the best free recorders for the screen, that has no watermark. With this, you can easily screen capture your mobile phone or your computer.

1. TinyTake

TinyTake is a screen recorder that is free to use. The tool can be applied to screen capture videos plus audio and images while having no watermarks. The app fully supports webcam image capturing and video recording. Also, it can allow the recording of the screen display using the full-screen mode. Users can alternatively use the region mode if they so like. Additionally, with the compatibility for both Mac and Windows, it is easy to store and share records over the internet, such as sharing on any social media site or uploading the video on YouTube. With that being said, the tool can be used in the following manner.

tinytake interface

  • First, log on to the official website for the tool and choose the platform for the OS of your computer. Then you can now click on the button for download according to the platform which you chose. Once downloading is done, begin the installation through the process shown by the setup wizard.
  • As soon as the app has been installed, select “Start recording.” The button can be found on the topmost left side of the screen.
  • Once it is clicked, choose either full-screen recording or partial screen recording. After this, the recording starts.
  • To conclude the recording process, click on the button “Finish.”
  • A fresh window will be displayed, which enables annotations to be added to the video that has been recorded and saved online or on the PC.

2. ActivePresenter

ActivePresenter is different free software for video recording that has no watermark. The tool can be used to create documents, business presentations, videos for e-learning, and many more. Furthermore, the tool has a video that is in-built with tools for editing audio and can be used to improve the recorded video. Additionally, you could add many quizzes and questions on the e-learning videos. To get a better understanding, go through the process outlined below on how the tool can be used.

activepresenter interface

  • First, get the app downloaded from its website. After which the steps can be followed to install through the set-up wizard.
  • Once installed, open the app to display its primary interface on the screen of your device. It then gives you options to record the screen in full mode or a specific area. Apart from this, the audio source can be chosen from the sound of the system, microphone, or both simultaneously.
  • As soon as this has been done, quit the recording process by pressing “Ctrl + End” on the keyboard of your device. A window will be displayed on the screen where the output can be edited.
  • In the final analysis, everything has been done, the video can now be stored on the PC through selecting the button for “ActivePresenter” that is present on the topmost left part and select “Save” from the menu dropdown.

3. Icecream Screen Recorder

The Icecream Screen recorder is a great video recording tool for the screen. It comes without any watermark. It enables a perfect recording of videos with the accompanying audio with no trace of watermarks. The tool could be employed to record the webcam video while recording another video to create some sort of video-to-video experience. The tool does come with some pretty strong tools for editing videos, which can be used to include arrows, text, lines, and other extra tools to focus on the video’s essential parts. Bit, the tool’s interface could prove challenging in the beginning; however, with the consistent use of the tool, you get accustomed to it quickly enough. To know more about the tool, read the processes involved in using the Icecream screen recorder underneath.

icecream screen recorder interface

  • Get the app downloaded from the official website. Next, run up the app and install it to commence using it.
  • Subsequently, choose the recording through clucking on the “Capture video” button drop-down, and then select either full-screen recording or region mode.
  • Soon as a recording area has been chosen, a floating toolbar gets displayed. You could begin the process of recording by the click of the “Rec” recording button located below.
  • As soon as the recording is done, click on the “Stop” command button in the toolbar to stop the recording.
  • Then in the final part, a window gets displayed as soon as the recording has been finished. At this point, the video can be saved by giving it a name and then choosing the button for “OK.”

4. OBS Studio

OBS Studio, known as Open Broadcaster Software, is a video screen recorder that can be used free with no watermark. It is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows 10 operating systems. The tool can be used to record videos with audio, and they could be used to edit the videos as they are being recorded. The tool comes with a sturdy API, which makes using plug-ins possible. The plug-ins can be used to improve performance as per the needs of the user. Additionally, the tool comes with a UI that can easily be adapted to user preferences. Furthermore, the settings can be customized quickly through the Auto-Configuration settings Wizard, which makes it possible to select whether you are recording the video for streaming or otherwise. Select the FPS and the resolution for the canvas, choose the streaming service such as YouTube, Smash cast, Facebook Live, Twitch, and more. Contrarily, you can find the process of using the open-source video screen recorder..


  • First, get it downloaded from the official website, OBS Studio, select the OS which you want to use and click on buttons for download. Additionally, launch the app installer, and then you can follow the steps for installation to get the app installed.
  • Subsequently, run the app for OBS Studio to display its interface. At this point, the recording can be started by clicking on the “Add” symbol, and select the video source. In this event, we would select “Display Capture” to get the screen display recorded with no watermarks. Then you can click on the button “Start Recording” to commence the recording process.
  • As soon as the “Start recording” button is clicked, a pop-up window shall be displayed. At this point, a new recording can be created, an existing one is added, or the source name can be changed according to user preferences. Then press on “OK” to proceed.
  • To conclude the process of recording, click simply on the button to “Stop recording.” The screen capturing will be ended, and the recording will be saved automatically to the PC.
  • In the final analysis, all the recordings can be assessed by clicking “Show Recordings” below the File menu. You shall be redirected to the location of the file.