featured image record pc game Among the most viewed type of internet, videos are game tutorials. A majority of the videos offer walkthroughs to various games, with their varying levels of difficulties to be accomplished. Since these game tutorials are in high demand, numerous people have moved over to creating such videos. When creating such game tutorials, the prime requirement is to have a crystal clear display for viewers to see every detail about the game. With that mentioned, it is a great thing to be aware of the various screen recorders. Fortunately, some of the most excellent PC screen recorder are discussed below. Continue reading to know more about these fantastic programs for recording game screens. You could start recording the games you play to let people know about achievements and tricks.

1. OBS Studio

OBS Studio or the Open Broadcast Software Studio is an open-sourced tool for recording the screen of several devices like Mac, Linux, and Windows. With its open-sourced feature, it is completely free for downloading and using. This is the reason, it is among the most excellent screen recorders for games. Numerous users like the tool due to its primary game recording option, which serves as an advantage. Another benefit of the tool is it’s numerous pre-sets for different purposes of recording. That is why it is known as a software with a nice user-friendly feature. But, this interface could appear confusing because of the small buttons. However, users with good eyesight can be used to tool practically well, but for this who can’t seem to read little letters, this tool is not for them.


2. Bandicam

Bandicam is a recorder for desktop that is only compatible with the Windows OS. Due to its user-friendliness, Bandicam is among the frequently used open-sourced recorders for desktop. But, sometimes, the tool could just crash without any apparent reason. The advantages of the tool are the simplicity of the interface and the fact that its free of charge. With its user-friendliness, an amateur would always like the tool. Bandicam is able to record videos of any game in MP4, AVI, and every other format with a clear display. However, it leaves the videos with watermarks. This is a disadvantage of using the tool in producing videos, but generally, it is a nice screen recorder in recording any screen of gameplay.

bandicam alternative

3. Action!

Action! is a globally popular recording software for games. Due to the optimum capabilities of this tool for recording games, it needs to be on this list. The tool is a high-grade screen recorder, and it comes highly recommended by leading game streamers from all parts of the globe. The recording tool’s primary benefit is its ability to record the game being played in a smooth and fast way without having to make the PC slow down a bit. Furthermore, the tool does compress the videos to ensure that they are saved in minimal sizes. With this, users will not have any reason to use a file compressor in compressing their videos. This tool also enables users to manipulate their videos with their Smartphones.

action interface

4. XSplit Gamecaster

XSplit Gamecaster is a recording and stream casting software that can be used on Windows. It is an easy tool in which users could easily stream whatever games they were playing and record the screen simultaneously. The tool can be used best with YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and streaming on Twitter. The tool has a simple set up process since it detects games automatically and gets them recorded. It also comes with the alternative, which allows users to record whatever they were streaming using the webcams on their devices as a source of camera. The tool also has an alternative that could take out the background that is not wanted from whatever is being recorded. Moreover, the tool has the “Express Video Editor” used to edit videos easily, which can be uploaded later.

xsplit interface