featured image record youtube videos YouTube is one of the top/best video sharing platforms on the net, and it is trendy. There is hardly anyone who has not heard of YouTube or used YouTube. This video sharing platform evolved over the years from a simple platform to one of the most influencer platforms on the planet. There are sometimes you may want to record live events from YouTube, capture your gameplay (for game lovers who want to share with others), or create a product review or video tutorial from your PC screen; thus, the essence of a YouTube recorder. In this article, you will find recorders to some of the best YouTube Video recorders you can rely on to capture videos on YouTube.

1. Snagit

Snagit used to be a screenshot tool, but this app was updated recently with a feature that allows video recording. You can now use this screen capture tool to record both audio and video from YouTube. Snagit is quite similar to the default Snipping tool that comes installed on Windows recently and can be used to take clear screenshots. The recording features of this app are not that great due to the lags experienced during the recording process. Snagit tends to have lots of buttons in its interface, despite its limited space. The buttons on the interface are not really clear because they are scattered across the toolbar. However, you can still use this tool to record videos from YouTubeto, and its video editing features give it a spot on this list of best YouTube video recorders.

snagit interface

2. Jing

Besides being a perfect screenshot tool, this lightweight app (Jing) is one of the best YouTube screen recorders. The app consumes less storage space, and its interface, which looks like a small sun, is positioned at the top-center of the screen. You can use Jing to record audio and videos from YouTube. The only setback is the video quality. Jing fails to maximize the resolution of the source video, especially high-definition videos.

jing interface

3. Camtasia

Another excellent YouTube screen recorder that offers a professional touch towards videos is Camtasia. You can use this tool to record only the audio from a video or the entire video. Besides its screen recording function, Camtasia has an in-built video editing feature that allows users to add improvements to their footage. The functionality you get in this app is limited if you opt for the free version (watermark and limited record time). When it comes to delivering toolbar video, Camtasia takes the lead as it offers the highest video resolution when compared to other tools.

camtasia interface

4. ScreenFlow

This list won’t be complete if ScreenFlow is not included in this list of the best YouTube video recorders. ScreenFlow is competent enough to record videos from YouTube from retina display screens. You can also use this tool to record screens of iOS tends and YouTube mobile videos, which makes screen recording activities easier for mobile users. With the in-built media library that this tool offers, users can easily browse through files on their device. ScreenFlow also has a video editing option that gives room for improving footage, and a one-click publish option, which you can use to publish your videos directly on YouTube. ScreenFlow is not a budget-friendly tool, so it’s not recommended if you have a tight budget.

screenflow interface