featured image sites like primewire Different sites allow users to stream popular movies online, and one of the best sites you can count on for steaming movies is PrimeWire. With PrimeWire, you have access to TV series and music free of charge. Another feature that makes PrimeWire standout when compared to other platforms is that users can create playlists and existing files on the site. Currently, PrimeWire is no longer functioning for reasons we do not know. The site is not going through. Luckily, there are other sites like PrimeWire you can visit in 2020 that supports streaming movies and TV shows on the internet for free. To discover these PrimeWire alternatives, read this post till the end. We have listed some websites like PrimeWire that allows you to watch movies and TV series you fancy without paying a dime.

Moviesjoy is an excellent PrimeWire substitute you will love. No doubt, this platform gives its users joy in abundance. Users have access to different movie genres at the highest quality possible. The website does not slack behind when it comes to offering the latest movies; thus, it is updated regularly. You can find anything you want on this site, from action movies to horror movies to drama, and so on. A lot of people use this platform to relax and watch their favorite movies and TV shows. Still, the only setback with this platform is that it supports ads, which is not a problem since you have access to lots of exciting content for free. This site is also accessible from iOS and Android devices.

moviesjoy interface

When it comes to content, Fmovies is one of the sites that can stand up to PrimeWire. For the latest movies, newly released, and also movies showing in theaters, Fmovies got your back. If you fancy watching movies at home, then Fmovies is your go-to-website for movies. The site also recommends movies for it, users, based on frequently watched movies; this will keep you informed on trends. You can also use your Android phone to watch movies. But Fmovies is quite similar to most free movie streaming websites; ads tend to appear when you click on the site, which can be quite annoying. But if you are less concerned with the ads, you will really enjoy this site as you will be wowed with its content.

ffmovies interface

Another fantastic PrimeWire alternative that offers numerous content (TV shows and movies included) is 1movies. You can rely on this website to watch the latest episodes of TV series you fancy. The site offers different movie quality and also recommends the best quality to view based on clarity. Another useful feature of this movie streaming site is its sorting option, which allows you to search for movies based on their release date. 1movies offers videos across different genres, and anybody can use this website without stress, which makes is a fantastic PrimeWire substitute.

1movies interface

Watchmoviestream is an exciting replacement for PrimeWire. Users have free access to an extensive movie collection. The only setback about this platform is that ads appear frequently each time you click on the page. Need HD movies, you can count on Watchmoviestream. You have nothing to worry about if you are the type that loves to watch the latest movies as this site is updated regularly to keep visitors up to date. Besides its support for ads, which is not really a big problem, you have uninterrupted access to exciting movies.

watchmoviestream interface

Another interesting website on our list of PrimeWire alternative is Flixgo because they both offer similar movies in their database. But the 4K quality videos provided by Flixgo makes it unique when compared to other movie sites; only a few websites offer 4k quality films. Not only will you watch high-quality movies, but you also have access to an extensive collection of movies to keep yourself entertained. All you need to do is visit this site on your device to enjoy quality movies.

flixgo interface

One of the popular go-to site for movies, which is also a nice PrimeWire alternative is Putlockers. This website has been operating for a very long time, even after being shut down a couple of times. You want new movies, visit Putlockers. You want to watch old movies, visit Putlockers. This platform is always ready to keep you entertained with your favorite movies and TV shows. You also have access to films that are not available in other countries. You have nothing to worry about when using this site when you want the latest updates in TV series and movies.

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This site is really a chill zone for interesting movies as it offers high-quality videos across different genres to visitors for free. You can access this movie streaming website correctly on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Although this site supports ads, you hardly see them. Using CoolMovieZone is also easy, and it offers newly released movies that are trending in cinemas nationwide. This platform is an excellent PrimeWire substitute.

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