featured image snagit alternative Taking screenshots can be handy, especially in situations when you want to create instructional material. On Windows, users can take screenshots when they press the “PrintScreen” key and paste it on “paint.” But taking shots this way has limited functions since “Paint” only offers essential services like crop and resizing functions. This limitation should not restrict you from getting the best out of a screen capture tool as there are other apps that you can use for this purpose without any restrictions or limitations. Snagit is a tool you can use to take screenshots and also record your screen. There are similar applications like Snagit offering the same functions. Still, these apps come with other improvements and can be used on mobile devices and PC. Read this article to discover Snagit alternative tools to capture screen.

1. Jing

Both Snagit and Jing are screen capture tool created by the same company. You can use this tool to obtain high-quality images and videos. The interface of this app is straightforward; thus, anyone can operate it without stress. Expect only the basic function from this screen capture tool.

2. FastStone Capture

Another screen capture app that can also execute video recording features is FastStone Capture. You can easily take photos and videos of your screen activities at ease as the interface of this tool is very simple. You will find different buttons, all performing different functions in the app’s interface. Despite being a lightweight app, you will be amazed at what this tool can do. You can also capture your screen in different formats with this tool, JPG, PNG, PDF, and others.

faststone interface

3. Screenshot Touch for Android

We spend more time on our smartphones when browsing the internet; thus, having a screenshot tool on your mobile device will be useful. If you own an android device, you can use Screenshot Touch on your device to take screenshots of your screen. Using this app is very easy, all you need to do is a single tap on your screen to capture. Besides screen capturing, you can also use this tool to take screen footage. Screenshot Touch for android also offers editing features, which you can use to improve your screenshots. Follow the guide below to use this app.

screenshottouch interface

4. Awesome Screenshot for iOS

iOS device users are not left out, with Awesome Screenshot, you can take full-page screenshots of your device screen without stress. The app can also be used to add annotations and edit snapshots. This app can be downloaded on iPhones running iOS 8 or later versions. Follow the steps below to learn how to use this app.

awesomesreenshot interface